Tuesday, January 3, 2012

:: Thinking of getting this for myself, as a late Christmas present. I've wanted one for years, have vinyl I'm itching to play, but nothing to play it on.

:: Pretty much hacked all day. My poor lungs. I was hoping this sickness would be gone by now but I'm starting to feel feverish again. Like, really? Wtf body.

:: Browsing this menu and drooling. Going there for eats next week with some pretty awesome people.

:: I've become a crazy brooch lady. It was owls for a long time, and I still love them, but I've started onto brooches. I got 4+ for Christmas; just addin' to my collection!

:: It was -26 with the windchill today. That, I declare, should be illegal. Anyone want to move to California with me?

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