Thursday, January 29, 2009


i take good pictures - at least they look good to me; i like when it happens. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh, the places i'd go.

If we were fortunate enough to come into some money, (boy, wouldn't that be nice) traveling would be something we'd be doing a lot of. Along with buying our own house. I dream incessantly of the day.

Really, I'd go anywhere - pretty much - but I put together a list of the high priority places. Here we go:



NYC (this picture is of Manhattan - I love it)



There are many reasons why I'd like to visit these places, in particular.
a) Thailand is just gorgeous. Not much explanation needed as to why we NEED to go there. b) Paris has always been an obsession of mine (along w/ a lot of Europe) + it's romantic & dreamy - my kind of city. c) NYC/Manhattan - another obsession of mine. I think it started when I first watched "Home Alone: Lost in New York" or maybe because of the movie, "Big" w/ Tom Hanks or or or! it might have been the 500 chick flicks I've seen that are set in NY. Maybe. d) Iceland, like Thailand, is beautiful. Not much explanation needed again. Iceland was actually L's idea & after finding out that plane tickets were $10,000 a piece, we decided to .. wait on that trip. Until we win the lottery. e) Fiji = gorgeous. I believe that Fiji is located right near Thailand, so it'd be something we could see at the same time (you know what i mean ..on the same trip) I've always wanted to visit fiji. I think I'd quite enjoy the feeling of being in sort of a, secluded paradise.
now you know my secret getaway wishes, what are yours?