Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple beauty.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." Aristotle

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring has sprung

I adore tulips. I might even say they're my favorite flower. Along with orchids, lillies, violets and daffodils. Since the beginning of our relationship, L has brought me home flowers from the store, only once. The first valentine's day we spent together, if I remember correctly. (You'd think for the ONE time it happened, I could remember when it was.. no wonder I never get them anymore) It was my first time receiving flowers from a boy (oo, shame shame) so I was thrilled. 
To be honest, both L and I don't see the point in buying flowers from a store. We both like to garden (him even more than I, but I think that'll change once we have our own place) and I'm all about being natural and saving money, so growing our own beauties is even better. 
This spring/summer we're growing a few different flowers, some herbs and spices & veggies - cucumbers and tomatoes and possibly snow peas. I can't wait because homegrown vegetables always taste that much better. 
These pictures were taken at our local botanical gardens, but wouldn't it be nice to have them in your own backyard? I think so.

What is your favorite flower? Do you have a garden or plan to have one in the future?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just the way we like it.

L's been working a different shift this week (3-11 p.m.) and frankly, I'm loving it. Since I haven't gotten a job for the summer yet, it's quite boring being at home all day on my own. This week has consisted of us sleeping in, showering together, making each other breakfast/lunch, running errands, me watching t.v. curled up on L's lap, lots of hugs and kisses, silly new nicknames and today, we had greasy pizza from our neighbourhood 'za joint. L suggested we go eat by the lake, so that we did. It was a bit chilly today, so we sat in the car and talked while we ate. I took pictures of course, because the tourist in me is always taking over. 

I love me some 'za, what can I say? Other than the fact that I look freaky because I'm SO excited about eating. Get used to it.

L approves of this pizza. This is him being silly, so I was happy that he "got into" picture time instead of scowling. Not that he ever does. Never-ever. 

After our pizza date by the lake (ooh la la, sounds fancy) we headed home and hung out until it was time for L to head to work. I'm pathetic and maybe a little obsessed with him, so it took some force to pry me off. I almost wouldn't let him leave, but then I had to tell myself that we'll never get a house of our own, if ONE of us doesn't work and so I loosened my grip a little. 

Now, only three and a half hours until he gets home. I said I was maybe obsessed, okay?

It was a good day and tomorrow, I hope, will be the same. We're planning on getting up earlier than we have been & heading out to the RBG to explore some of the trails. I'll have my camera to document every move we make. Literally. 

Before I end this, I'll leave you with some pictures I took this afternoon, only a few steps from our front door. Life is sweet.


I had no idea that you could "earn" money on Blogger, by having ads put on your page. Sorry if this bothers anyone, but really, I'm a broke student without a summer job and I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to make money.

Let's see how this goes!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


i take good pictures - at least they look good to me; i like when it happens. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh, the places i'd go.

If we were fortunate enough to come into some money, (boy, wouldn't that be nice) traveling would be something we'd be doing a lot of. Along with buying our own house. I dream incessantly of the day.

Really, I'd go anywhere - pretty much - but I put together a list of the high priority places. Here we go:



NYC (this picture is of Manhattan - I love it)



There are many reasons why I'd like to visit these places, in particular.
a) Thailand is just gorgeous. Not much explanation needed as to why we NEED to go there. b) Paris has always been an obsession of mine (along w/ a lot of Europe) + it's romantic & dreamy - my kind of city. c) NYC/Manhattan - another obsession of mine. I think it started when I first watched "Home Alone: Lost in New York" or maybe because of the movie, "Big" w/ Tom Hanks or or or! it might have been the 500 chick flicks I've seen that are set in NY. Maybe. d) Iceland, like Thailand, is beautiful. Not much explanation needed again. Iceland was actually L's idea & after finding out that plane tickets were $10,000 a piece, we decided to .. wait on that trip. Until we win the lottery. e) Fiji = gorgeous. I believe that Fiji is located right near Thailand, so it'd be something we could see at the same time (you know what i mean ..on the same trip) I've always wanted to visit fiji. I think I'd quite enjoy the feeling of being in sort of a, secluded paradise.
now you know my secret getaway wishes, what are yours?