Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflecting on 2011.

I just wanted something simple. Here is somewhere simple for me, so I'm back.

Thinking back on 2011, I got a little sad. I read blogs, compared myself to other people's accomplishments and milestones met. I felt like what I had "done" over the past year didn't match up to what everyone else had done.

But that doesn't matter. It never should and I really need to remember that. If I keep living my life in the shadows, on the heels of someone else, I'll never really be living life. One of my greatest fears is to look back and realize that I barely did anything of the things I hoped to do in my life. It's a short life but there is lots of time for me to start accomplishing my goals, no matter how large or infinitely small they are.

My inspiration words for 2012 are: fun & positivity. There will be many other things I'll focus on in the upcoming year but I want to try to incorporate a bit of fun, positivity, love, etc. into every day, if I can. I may not succeed but my intentions and attempts are already small victories themselves.

So after comparing my 2011 and getting sad, I decided (with the help of Lain) to turn my thoughts around and really think about what I/we did and accomplished.

1. Lain proposed! August 19, 2011. This tops the list, of course. :)

2. We took our first "big" trip together to B.C. - this is where number one on the list happened, as well! So many great memories tied together. This was also my first long flight, first time really seeing the mountains, first time seeing (BIG) wildlife in their natural habitat, etc. We both can't wait to go back!

3. Went to NYC! A dream of mine since I was small. It was wonderfully amazing and we're booking our next trip for June 2012. A little NYC every year? I think I could handle that!

4. Paid off my OSAP loans!!! Paying this off warranted a happy dance and some squealing. Obviously, it's great that OSAP was "there" to help fund me through my three years of college but it's the biggest relief to have it paid off. My paycheck now goes to me/bills/savings, etc. and not to them. The feeling can't be matched.

5. Celebrated one year at my job. Wow. I can still remember, sitting at home, writing for my internship in April 2010. I was working at a call centre that I hated and was wondering what the hell I was going to do with my journalism diploma; the job market wasn't looking too promising. By chance, a friend was offered my position and turned it down, then offering the opportunity to me. I will be forever grateful to her! This past year (and a half now!) has been scary, exciting, thrilling, exhausting, frustrating, challenging, maddening (heh), happy, motivating and so much more. I've learned and grown so much, met amazing people and accomplished things I never ever thought I could do.

6. Celebrated 5-years with Lain! <3 We didn't do anything grandiose to celebrate the actual day but B.C./the proposal and all of the other random hotel/dinner trips we had over the year made up for it, and some!

7.Was able to meet the local Mayor(s), Prime Minister of Canada and U.S. Consul General, and many large companies, through work. This may not seem like much but it is to me. I'm just so thankful for the opportunities I've had through my job and the new connections and relationships.

8. Published six issues of a magazine. This is one of my main duties at work and directly correlates with what I studied in college. I love writing, editing and magazine layout so this has been (frustrating as hell, at times) a really fun part of my job. When the boxes arrive with the new issue, my heart beats a bit faster and my palms get sweaty. Leafing through the pages of articles, pictures, news and tips, that I was responsible for.. it's a good feeling to see it all in print.

9. Cut off 14 inches of my hair to donate. Granted, I haven't actually mailed this off yet; maybe I'm experiencing some pre-separation anxiety? This is at the top of my list for 2012.

10. Focused more free time on re-establishing and nurturing relationships. As much as I love Lain and our time together, we all need our time alone or with friends. I've really tried to re-connect with girlfriends over the past year. They've helped me so much. It's been an amazing year of talking, encouragement, dancing, planning, supporting, laughing, crying and celebrating.

11. Participated in one of my oldest friend's weddings. It was an amazing day and I can't believe that I can say I've had a friend for 22 years. A few. I'm really lucky.

12. Celebrated my 28th birthday and many other family and friend's special days. Spent time at the cottage and in NYC with my amazing aunts & cousins. Explored the mountains with my love. Laughed with my nanny over random things. Spent time with my mom, dad, my brother, step-mom, step-dad.. I could go on. Basically, I was able to spend a lot of time with the people I love and that is a great accomplishment, in itself.

2012.. let's see what you have in store for us!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New blog!

If you couldn't tell, I'm not blogging here anymore!

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