Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring has sprung

I adore tulips. I might even say they're my favorite flower. Along with orchids, lillies, violets and daffodils. Since the beginning of our relationship, L has brought me home flowers from the store, only once. The first valentine's day we spent together, if I remember correctly. (You'd think for the ONE time it happened, I could remember when it was.. no wonder I never get them anymore) It was my first time receiving flowers from a boy (oo, shame shame) so I was thrilled. 
To be honest, both L and I don't see the point in buying flowers from a store. We both like to garden (him even more than I, but I think that'll change once we have our own place) and I'm all about being natural and saving money, so growing our own beauties is even better. 
This spring/summer we're growing a few different flowers, some herbs and spices & veggies - cucumbers and tomatoes and possibly snow peas. I can't wait because homegrown vegetables always taste that much better. 
These pictures were taken at our local botanical gardens, but wouldn't it be nice to have them in your own backyard? I think so.

What is your favorite flower? Do you have a garden or plan to have one in the future?

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