Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just the way we like it.

L's been working a different shift this week (3-11 p.m.) and frankly, I'm loving it. Since I haven't gotten a job for the summer yet, it's quite boring being at home all day on my own. This week has consisted of us sleeping in, showering together, making each other breakfast/lunch, running errands, me watching t.v. curled up on L's lap, lots of hugs and kisses, silly new nicknames and today, we had greasy pizza from our neighbourhood 'za joint. L suggested we go eat by the lake, so that we did. It was a bit chilly today, so we sat in the car and talked while we ate. I took pictures of course, because the tourist in me is always taking over. 

I love me some 'za, what can I say? Other than the fact that I look freaky because I'm SO excited about eating. Get used to it.

L approves of this pizza. This is him being silly, so I was happy that he "got into" picture time instead of scowling. Not that he ever does. Never-ever. 

After our pizza date by the lake (ooh la la, sounds fancy) we headed home and hung out until it was time for L to head to work. I'm pathetic and maybe a little obsessed with him, so it took some force to pry me off. I almost wouldn't let him leave, but then I had to tell myself that we'll never get a house of our own, if ONE of us doesn't work and so I loosened my grip a little. 

Now, only three and a half hours until he gets home. I said I was maybe obsessed, okay?

It was a good day and tomorrow, I hope, will be the same. We're planning on getting up earlier than we have been & heading out to the RBG to explore some of the trails. I'll have my camera to document every move we make. Literally. 

Before I end this, I'll leave you with some pictures I took this afternoon, only a few steps from our front door. Life is sweet.

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