Monday, January 2, 2012

missing the mountains badly. we need to go back.

christmas puppy! otis is such a good model.

our first meal of 2012. clearly starting things off healthy. i took this picture for krista!

lain drives and i take weird, moving car pictures. and i love them.
NYE, on our way to brantford.

us on NYE, before heading to hang out with friends. can you see our excitement for 2012?
it's there! so excited to see what the year brings!


Les said...

Always a nice feeling, starting fresh lol. Gonna see how long the motivation lasts this year once school kicks in :p

jordan said...

Ha, I know exactly what you mean. I'm really hoping that some of mine sticks. Most of my goals are adulty (house, car) and necessary so those will get done. The craft stuff is fun so.. no excuse there! ;)